Charleston Divorce Advice

Divorce help in Charleston

The end of a marriage is among the most emotionally-charged situations faced by many people. A natural first instinct is to turn to trusted family members and friends for the support and advice needed to make it through this difficult time. While loved ones are a valuable resource for emotional support, you need an experienced attorney to provide the objective divorce help you need to obtain the best results for you and your children.

The Charleston divorce process

To file divorce in Charleston, you need to follow specific legal requirements, starting with establishing grounds for the divorce. South Carolina divorce law allows you to file on no-fault grounds, and it also provides four fault grounds.

The largest part of the process focuses on negotiating the terms of the divorce, which address many issues, including the following:

  • Division of property
  • Child custody, visitation, and support
  • Spousal support

Your ability to come to agreement with your spouse plays a major role in determining the type of divorce you can file. Couples who are highly adversarial commonly file a contested divorce, leaving the important decisions to a judge after presenting their cases in court.  Divorcing couples who are able to cooperate can retain more control by using one of the forms of uncontested divorce to negotiate their own terms with the help of their attorneys and a mediator. In these cases, the courtroom process is simplified—the judge reviews the negotiated terms, and issues the final divorce decree after approval.

Getting the advice you need when filing for divorce in Charleston

The divorce process is complex—you have one chance to make important decisions that affect the rest of your life. You need the help of a compassionate attorney to get the right divorce advice in Charleston or anywhere in South Carolina. At The Bleecker Law Firm, our divorce lawyers take the time to really listen to the details of your situation. Whenever possible, we guide you to toward the most economical solution that gives you control over your future.

The results you need when divorcing in South Carolina

If you are divorcing in Charleston or anywhere in South Carolina, you can count on our skilled attorneys at The Bleecker Law Firm, LLC to obtain the results you need to help you and your children start a fresh new life. As skilled and successful mediators, we help many clients achieve fair settlements in a non-contentious atmosphere. Our law firm also has the skills to present a well-prepared, strong case to obtain the best possible results when your issues need to be settled by a judge.  We treat each case as unique, and we provide the personal attention your case deserves.

Contact The Bleecker Law Firm, LLC today to discuss your family law, divorce, mediation, child custody and related probate litigation questions. Our lawyers assist clients in Charleston and throughout South Carolina.  We practice in all South Carolina family courts.